Elegant, Enchanting, One-of-a-kind...
Gemstone Portrait Painting is the Masterpiece
for Homes with Class!

Step 1Unique, Luxury Gem Portrait Gift...

Unlike paintings on canvas or wooden stretchers, we only use natural precious and semi-precious gemstones on fine art quality, crystal clear mica base for your custom art.

Until now, traditional oil paintings have been the luxury gift choices. But when you look at this side by side gem art vs. oil painting comparison you'll know for sure what will be appreciated more.

The bottom line? You'll get lifetime value and enjoyment out of a custom gem portrait from photos - just like owning timeless, expensive jewelry pieces.

More importantly, Dante Gems™ service is not something everyone is comfortable shelling out for special occasions such as: Birthday, Wedding or  Anniversary gift, etc., making gem art a perfect choice for those with sophisticated tastes, like you.

Best of all... sending your photos is as simple as making a few clicks:

  • No special computer or photo editing skill needed
  • No learning involved
  • No expensive and painstaking trips to photo studios
  • No unnecessary time consuming tasks

In fact, you will enjoy...

Step 2 The Simple, Quick and Effortless Way to Get a Perfect Photo

Turning your photos into gem art is simple and easy to do, you will love the process.

Example: cropping & changing background

Just sit back and watch, because even if you're having a hard time finding that perfect photograph to turn into portrait, there is nothing to worry about.

We can merge photos, graphic images, or even reference pictures scanned from magazines to create a perfect portrait for you.

Take a pick at what is possible with our free photo editing bonus. Just send us the photos and we will take care of the rest.

In short, your loved one won't even know that you were preparing a very special gift for him or her... a sure-fire way to make it a Big Surprise!

And most importantly, you'll get...

Step 3 A Completely Handmade Gift Crafted with Passion

Since we are passionate about what we do, your order is treated just like our own, with love, care, and minute attention to details.

Your gemstone portrait means more than just a gift for us - it's the fruit of creativity, a work of art, and most of all, a work of love. Click here to see how we make them.

Click here for more gem art samples

It's always exciting for us to see the outcome, after having invested days of love labor. Every artwork requires creatively thinking, brainstorming of unique arrangements and formulating logical steps for a flawless execution, in order to get it just right.

Playing with gemstones you never know the exact outcome. It's a combination of many things, like a pair of gifted eyes coupled with skilful hands, understanding of how gemstone colors and textures change under different lighting conditions, and many more.

It's the beauty of the process and magical outcomes that makes it all very worthwhile, both for you and us :)

As artists, we strive for 'just the finest', sometimes, even if that means compromising profit. In fact, our great prices barely cover operating expenses and leave enough room for growth.

Dante Gems™' philosophy is simple:

  • Deliver the most exceptional gemstone art you could ever find
  • Love for creativity
  • Help talented artisans live out their dreams

What does this mean for you?

We want you to love what you buy. It's a win-win for everyone - you get the best value for your cash and we get to do what we love. Dante Gems™ 90 day guarantee demonstrates just that.

And that's not all...

Step 4 Professional Framing and Secure Packaging

Ordering from us you'll save a lot of time, money and the hassles of finding professional picture framing and gift wrapping services. Here's why...

7 reasons why our framing is better than what you can find locally:

  1. No risk of damaging the artwork
  2. Using other frames may void Lifetime Warranty* (see conditions)
  3. Professionally framed for durability and aesthetics
  4. Cost saving: you only pay wholesale price (1/2 retail cost)
  5. Convenience: no extra effort from your part
  6. Ready to hang out of the box
  7. Time saving

What's more... not only will your portrait come completely framed with fine art quality crystal clear protective glass and backing, we'll pack it in a solid box when shipping to ensure it arrives safely and ready to be given as is.

In brief - all is done for you!

Just place an order, sit back and relax, because you can be sure of the outcome without even opening the box. Here is how...

We'll update you before shipping - We will send you pictures of the finished artwork to confirm prior to dispatch, so it will be exactly the way you want it.

Better, you can request free edits until you're 100% happy with the outcome.

The finished artwork must also undergo a rigorous quality review by one of our most experienced gem artists to make sure you only receive The First Class portraits, no matter what sizes they are.

And when it's sent (the same day you approve), you will be informed of every step in the process so there will be no unexpected surprises.

Step 5 Make it an Amazing Surprise

Dante Gems™ fast turnaround helps you keep the present as a secret until the very last moment so your loved one won't even suspect the slightest. After all, don't you enjoy watching him or her receive the gift in awe?

Most importantly... you won't have to wait for weeks and wonder where your order is at, because you'll get updated to know exactly when to expect it coming. That's how to be extra sure your loved one won't see it until you want them to.

Our average turnaround is 2 to 3 weeks from the moment you place the order to when the portrait arrives at your place (click for more details on our turnaround).



  • Your turnaround may be longer depending on how many edits you request. Each additional change can take extra 1-5 days depending on the nature of your request.
  • Quoted turnaround does not take into account the time you take to approve.
  • Large size orders (24"x36" and bigger) can take extra 5 days or more.

To make it fast, ensure you send the best photos possible and carefully review the Final Photo in stage one before we start converting it into gemstone art, as described below.

For each order, we ask you for approval twice:

  1. Final photo to be turned into gem art
  2. Finished gemstone artwork to be shipped

Amending any detail while in the photo editing process is simple and fast. We can still make minor changes to the final gemstone artwork, but due to the nature of materials used, it will be a lot harder to make major edits.


Even better news...

Gem Art Appreciates in Value Over Time

As a unique collectible piece of artwork, your portrait's value will only increase over time as the materials - gemstones used to make it, become even scarcer in the future.

In fact, our gem art from photo prices do increase from time to time. So don't be surprise to pay more the next time around.

Not that you intend to, but in the long term, the artwork will inevitably become a very intelligent investment by itself!  Don't you want a present that will increase 10 times in value over the next 10-20 years?

Isn't that wonderful to own? Perhaps, a luxury anniversary gift your loved one will cherish for life and a valuable inheritance for your future generations?

It's like 'killing two birds with one stone'

...said one of our customers.

There you have it - a gemstone artwork that can be treasured for your grand, grand children as a family heirloom so that they can remember and admire their grand, grandparents for a very long time to come.

On the other hand, the artwork itself will be of high sentimental and collectible value in the near future, making those depicted in it part of the history.

In the end, he or she will be delighted by your smart choice.

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